For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be an artist. I suppose that’s always the way when you realize that you excel at something early in life . I remember that in my pre-school days, my mom used to bribe me with the promise that I could color the pictures if I learned to read my book. But, I learned as soon as I tried to get a job that it was hard to earn a living as an artist. So, it became my “side-line career” instead. To a point, it was like having my cake and eating too!

In case you are curious, I was always good in math, as well as art. That’s what helped to get me into university. After I graduated, I stumbled in to a career in computers. In fact, at the time, IBM was recruiting artists to become programmers, because the thought was that the artistic mind could grasp abstract concepts involved in logic, problem solving, and generating creative solutions. Turned out they were right.

Now, finally, my career and my “side-line career” are merging because I am able to sell my artwork over the internet! Go figure!

My favorite medium is clay figure sculpting, followed by oil painting, and pencil or charcoal drawing. I like the feel of these and their forgiving nature (you don’t have to get it right the first time!). My favorite topics are people… doing portraits, working from models. I guess that’s because I like connecting and communicating with people of all types.

Today, my works are displayed nationwide from Southern California (my home) to Massachusetts in both home collections and galleries. I spent twelve years studying oil painting at DeCordova Museum Art School in Lincoln, MA with the Master, George Dergalis, and, most recently, spent four years studying sculpture at the Brentwood Art Center in Brentwood, CA with the sculptor Jonathan Bickart. Additionally, I have a BA in Art from UCLA and an MBA in Marketing from Babson College, Wellesley, MA.

Today, you can find me in my studio in the Pacific Palisades, CA with my two cats, Hurricane and Gloria, close by, listening to music while I sculpt or paint, and drawing inspiration from interesting people and places I have encountered along the way.

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